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Design-Build: Your Convenient, Cost-Saving, Higher-Quality Remodeling General Contractor Choice

When you hire a contractor to design your home, you want to know that they’re capable, trustworthy, and provides quality craftsmanship. You also want to know they work efficiently – saving you time and money in the process.

Some contractors will “sub out” the work of the design of your remodel. Or in some cases, you might hire a designer directly. The designer then creates the plans and specifications, but they don’t actually do the work of building or remodeling. In a second step, contractors will then bid on the job of the physical construction based on the plans laid out by the designer. This process, known as “design-bid-build” is typically less efficient and can lead to miscommunications.

Design-Build for More Efficient Home Remodeling

The beauty of the “design-build” approach is that it relies on a single point of responsibility. You will have one project manager who oversees both the design and the construction aspects of your home remodel project. When you hire a company to create your vision of your remodeling project, the same company will do both the design work and then the construction or remodeling work, all coordinated by your project manager, your one point of contact. There are fewer moving parts, fewer links in the chain, it’s simply more streamlined.

The result is that you not only save time, but you save money. And, in general, it makes the process easier and less of a hassle for you. You deal with only one contract and one contractor, who delivers one consolidated flow of work, from concept through completion. Consider the benefits:

  • You can focus on the project rather than managing multiple contracts.
  • You deal with an integrated team focused on controlling costs and delivering a quality outcome.
  • Just one entity is accountable for cost, schedule and performance.
  • Communication between designer and builder is streamlined and enhanced.
  • A single project-management structure means work is completed faster with fewer problems.
  • An integrated-team approach encourages innovation and efficiency.
  • Management focus is shifted away from minimum design requirements and toward performance needs, so you get a better finished project.
  • Because the design-build team assumes more risk, yours is reduced.

McClincy’s always uses the design-build process. So your remodeling project will be easier, will cost less, and will be ready for you to enjoy sooner!

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