New Kitchen Countertops Make Your Kitchen a Joy!

Your countertops are some of the most frequently-used areas of your kitchen, and your entire home. It just makes sense to choose the material and design that best suits the way you live and your home's architectural style. And your friends will be impressed and you'll get more enjoyment just being in your new kitchen!

A Wide Variety of Countertop Options

Each type of material has its own characteristics. You'll need to consider colors, finishes, hardness, durability, and cost. With McClincy's, you can choose from an incredibly wide array of countertop materials:

  • Natural stone – granite, marble, slate, sandstone, cement block, and more
  • Tile and ceramics
  • Synthetic solids like Corian®, Caesarstone®, Swanstone®
  • Laminates

For example, many homeowners love the shiny, "wet" look of a high-gloss finish. But if they use their countertops as a cutting board, they may soon discover that a high-gloss finish shows every little scratch. In that case, a matte finish would be better for you. How do you know? Just ask the experts at McClincy's.

Design experts to Help You Choose Your Countertop Materials

Design experts at McClincy's will help you find the best materials to suit your lifestyle and your needs. We'll talk with you about the most cost-effective, timely process to install your new countertops. If you have specific budget considerations, let us help you explore the options that will give the best value for your sountertop investment.

Trust McClincy's to guide you through the selection process. When you've made your choice, we will install your countertops in a timely manner, with painstaking attention to detail. Rely on us for the design and installation of the full spectrum of countertop materials. Since your stone countertops will be fabricated in-house by McClincy's, you're assured greater satisfaction and quality workmanship. You'll love your new kitchen countertops!

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