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New Carpeting Will Transform a Room
or Your Entire Home

You can completely change the look and feel of large or small areas in your home with the right choice of carpeting. Trust McClincy's to help you select the right color, style, and fiber. Complement furniture, artwork, or architecture that is already in place, or create something new. Whatever your preference, we can help. And after you've made the choice for your new carpet, we will install it with a discerning eye and attention to detail that will assure you of a finished project of uncompromising quality.

Offering a Variety of Carpet Types for Every Need

Berber carpeting sample  

Berber – Thicker yarns than other cut & loop carpets for higher durability. Comes in expensive wool fibers or less expensive nylon and olefin fibers. Helps disguise footprints and vacuum tracks in less informal areas.

Cut and loop carpeting sample  

Cut & Loop Pile – Combines cut and looped fibers. The different levels in this type of carpet can often hide footprints and dirt. Popular for use in formal and informal areas.

Cut pile carpeting sample  

Cut Pile – Cutting looped carpet type which creates cut pile with yarn bundles standing straight. Perfect for more formal areas with a luxurious appearance. Less resistant to crushing than other types.

Frieze carpeting sample  

Frieze – Lightly twisted shag suited for informal, high traffic areas. It has short fibers that tend to cut in different directions; which makes it ideal for hiding footprints and vacuum tracks.

Level loop carpeting sample  

Level Loop Pile – Made by weaving even loops of yarn into carpet backing at both ends. Very durable, resistant to track marks and easy to clean. Great for pet owners.

Pattern carpeting sample  

Patterns – Texture-on-texture design. Primarily used for more informal areas.

Saxony carpeting sample  

Plush (Saxony) – Lightly twisted cut piles that are heat set straight. Softest carpet available. This carpet type shows every vacuum track and footprint.

Textured plush carpeting sample  

Textured Plush – Texture is heat set for medium durability. Best for informal and high traffic areas. Great for bedrooms due to the soft feel. Offers a multi-colored look that hides tracks.


McClincy's works with a number of top-name carpeting brands and manufacturers that you recognize and trust, so you'll know you're getting only the best quality.

Friendly Carpeting Experts – Personal Attention to Help You Select Your Carpets

You'll get more personal help and attention with your carpeting selection than big-box outlets. You'll be able to choose from a huge variety of styles and brand names and types of carpeting.

We will work with you to make sure your carpet selection is the best one for you. We'll take a lot of factors into consideration:

  • The size of the room
  • Quantity and type of foot traffic
  • What the room is used for
  • How much natural light the room receives
  • Whether the room is accessible from inside or outside
  • Colors – walls, furniture, accessories
  • Medical considerations, such as allergies
  • Installation methods

Trust our design professionals to help with selecting a color palette, developing sound-reduction alternatives, choosing the right padding, and making sure the texture of your new carpet underfoot is pleasing. Contact McClincy's today for a consultation – which can include help with your choice of carpeting. Or, visit our conveniently-located Seattle-area showroom in Renton Highlands – to see and feel your carpeting choices firsthand.

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