Create a Unique Identity for Your Home
with Amazing Decorative Wood Flooring

You want your home to be a source of pride. Make it more luxurious with one-of-a-kind details and designs to complement your wood floors. With borders, medallions, and parquets inlaid into your wood flooring, your artistically-designed flooring will impress your friends and make your home more enjoyable for you, too! Select from among the most popular embellishments, or tell us what you have in mind:

Hardwood Medallions

Uniquely executed designs that can be anything you want them to be, from a family coat of arms to a corporate logo. It's simply up to your imagination. One-of-a-kind, any size, any shape, you choose the species of wood, colors, textures. Medallions are the top of the line, the epitome of woodworking artistry. Bring that artistry into your home with a call to McClincy's.

Hardwood Borders

Define a specific area of your floor or convert existing flooring into an extraordinary, custom look. You can choose from pre-designed patterns or have patterns created to meet your specific requirements or preferences. Let us work with you to develop a design that will transform your home into a showplace.

Hardwood Parquet

From classic European styles to traditional herringbone to modern patterns, parquet wood tiles offer almost unlimited versatility to enhance the character and ambience of your home. The tiles can be installed over concrete or wood sub-flooring, and are available in standard or custom thicknesses from a variety of wood species. More elaborate patterns are also available in artistic parquet.

Start the Process of Creating Your Dream Home's Special and Unique Flooring

Contact McClincy's today to explore all the possibilities. When you contact our team of talented designers and project managers, you will tap into a group of some of the industry's finest craftsmen. We will work with you to develop and refine whatever concept you have in mind, and handle every minute detail, from creation to installation, to make your vision a reality.

Visit one of our Seattle-area showrooms to see specific flooring samples, and be sure to ask about our stonework medallions and other flooring.

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